Keith Ace Hardware

Flintstone Ace Hardware is owned and operated by the Keith family. They have been serving northwest Georgia families for nearly 70 years.

The story of the Keith family hardware began in 1948 when Melvin and Eloise Keith opened the doors of Georgia Supply Co. to the small community of Flintstone, Georgia in 1948. Their first day of sales totaled $3.95! Georgia Supply Co. was off and running! Melvin and Eloise would work side by side for the next 50 years. They even made their home in the back of the hardware store.

The Keiths served the community while raising their two children, Mike and Debbie. Mike, having always been at his daddy’s knee in the store, became a partner in the business in 1970. That same year, the Keith’s became affiliated with Ace Hardware and soon after began construction on a new addition to the store. Georgia Supply would proudly bear a new name, Ace Hardware of Flintstone.

Forty-two years after the business began, Mike and his wife Tena purchased the business from his mom and dad. Just as in the generation before them, the whole family was involved. Mike and Tena ran the store while raising their two children Adam and B.J.

Adam officially joined the business in 2002 after graduating from college with a degree in business. In 2004, Adam led an expansion effort with the purchase of an old True Value Hardware in Tunnel Hill.

In 2010, Adam and his wife Alecia officially took over the family business. Adam, Alecia, and their two children are a presence in the lives of these businesses just as the generations before them. There are days when you may round the end of the plumbing aisle and run smack dab into their children Luke or Ella.

Once again in 2012, the Keith’s expanded and broadened the vision Melvin had so long ago with the purchase of the existing nearby Mission Ridge ACE store making it the third in the chain. A lot of hard work by a lot of great employees went into refurbishing the store to help serve the community.

The year of 2015 proved to be a roller coaster year for Keith Hardware. On the morning of April 25, 2015 a fire completely destroyed the Tunnel Hill location resulting in a total loss. Luckily no one was injured.

Around the same time, the opportunity to open the largest ACE Hardware store in northwest Georgia in Dalton was presented to the Keiths. They decided to close the Mission Ridge store and focus their efforts in Dalton.

Work began in December of 2015 to build the new 18,000 square feet Dalton ACE Hardware located in Dalton, Ga. With an opening date of March 16, 2016, a new chapter began for Keith Hardware and its incredible staff.

We want to thank all the people of who have chosen to support our local businesses through the years. We are proud to have served northwest Georgia for nearly 70 years.

Keith Family
Melvin Keith working the counter in 1948
The original GA Supply Co. circa 1956
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